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when us president rob obama and his secretary of state john kerry held separate press conferences in different countries at the same time both condemning lost power over its actions against ukraine now in washington as an obama urged russia to de escalate the situation in ukraine insisting that moscow's explanation for its military response to the crisis. does it reflect real advance on the ground. something seems to have a different set lawyers may get a set of interpretations but of. i don't think that's pulling anybody in the meantime in kyiv by secretary of state john kerry was talking deafening and write me rush out simultaneously during the fifteen minute news conference mr kerry use words like of grass or provocation and intimidation to describe but lost out when talking about ukraine's internal leaders he had nothing but praise by using words like high aspirations hope and democracy week and then the russian federation's act of aggression. the russian god. out of excuses. friday instead of udon. false oaths intimidation. and provocations. us officials i also did i announce
mounting from the west. us secretary of state john kerry called the russian military incursion in the crimea an incredible act of aggression and he warned moscow it could lose its prestigious membership in the group of eight nations may have to face economic sanctions kerry also said the us would be prepared to boycott the planned g eight meeting in silky this summer if need be at a crisis meeting in brussels nato chief anders rasmussen what your peace and security were at risk to your attraction to stop its military activity and threats against ukraine. and what's going on to brussels for more on nato's emergency country now joins us from there we know the general secretary general rasmussen is expected to speak to the press soon when you think they can see coming out of that meeting when your redeemer the press and that it's a day where he was very explicit in contending that russia's action and said that it was a violation of several international treaties and look at. at the movement of the nato ukraine commission is holding its meeting and we don't know yet what that the u
kerry is heading to kyiv to support the new years there after accusing moscow of an incredible act of aggression and didn't see him on a trumped up pretext. well of the targeted countries which have been subject to a merry cans of bombings and interventions over the decades and critics have accused john kerry of hypocrisy referring to the victims of the us led invasions of a number of countries. the situation in ukraine and the diplomatic ground surrounding the crisis there was no talk the german journalist my locks and writer who's been axed extensively covering the story. mr eisner i remembered much for joining us here is the international sale of what was your reaction to carry it carries harsh words that are for russia well i think it gets worse. it's really interesting talk of all the contents also a that kerry's speech because that maybe kerry is one of the episcopate the professional liars in the west that state secretary of the us we have to remember what he was telling adults theory and the house that he was one of the oldest more moments when it came to syria from now he
of the ukraine today. the russian president and u s had to stay. john kerry spoke out within hours of each half as they presented the world with the presence of events kerry's intervention came as he arrived in kiev to show support for the country's new leadership of the small role but financial. with the aid package including a billion dollars of energy subsidies then we can warn that his government was going up from the sanctions to impose and russia. as soon as this week so far the sanctions and diplomatic isolation appeared to be having little impact will be hearing from our reporters throughout the region often visible on the laces fuss moving to them while we still see me and putting them into the panic among the non ukrainian treat the nice in the green the emboldened by the team's presence. they seek to negotiate with the russian forces controlling and things the russian soldiers on meeting the times reported from time magazine present at the seams. eventually backed down. instead they have to await orders from moscow to how to proceed. it is judging into tin for the last time consequen
and wine hollywood . the i. second tuesday john kerry has said he still looks good israel and the palestinians to agree on the framework three peace deal by lay people with any final deal could take an additional nine months or more. carrie brought the two sides together back in july after a three year cap originally anticipated the final agreement being reached after nine months while us officials have not revealed what might you into a framework is likely to include the possible outcomes on key issues such as borders security palestinian refugees and the status of jerusalem despite a little progress made kerry says he remains committed and determined to reach a deal is in the region more than a dozen times since july. recently both sides have softened their stance is while doubting the effectiveness of the us secretaries efforts kerry recently came in for heavy criticism from israeli politician some accusing him of being an anti semite trucking kerry to suddenly rediscovered his jewish roots recruiting his brother tribute to the israelis that his great uncle was a holoca
was probably the strongest threat secretary kerry threatening to isolate russia economically and politically he's like an acid resistant these events he said russia may not remain the g eight deal with threats and there was chris is a lesson. it's really nineteenth century behavior in the twenty first century and there is no way to start with. you just don't invade another country on phony pre tax. in order to assert your interest will be interviewing never asked and what about iraq. what about constant threats to use force coming from washington. even though secretary kerry has not received those question basically cross the minds of those who saw the interview since when does the united states government change and even the subscribe and friends and family the concepts of solvency and over winter. it's the best clean up the nets at the moment succeeded with the backing militants with a border crossings in the north and east of the country thinking to admit its media assets leading to remain tight jeans. we're all basically didn't do that when they attacked serbia because fundamentally strong
iraq. what about constant threats to use force coming from washington. even though secretary kerry has not received those question basically cross the minds of those who saw the interview since when does the united states government change and even the subscribe and friends. the concepts of solvency and over and said it's the best clean up the nets at the moment succeeded with the backing militants with a border crossings in the north and east of the country. thinking to admit its media this weekend to remain tight jeans we're all basically didn't do that when they attacked serbia because fundamentally strong mexican artist co stars in the unilateral declaration of independence the united states government it pays lip service to soften the contents of real integrity. it kicks into this during this sunday and his secretary kerry was also asked about israel and the premise that if any of those upcoming visit to mt the peace process. of course on those issues would hurt a very different secretary kerry careful diplomatic calling for negotiations. no appeals to the wind charter not to worr
welcome again riley of the u s secretary of state to joan kerry has left the us to visit you crying has he arrived of course and a can you tell us the latest on the standoff there. and it is supposed to arrive some time at midday it's just past eleven am here so we do expect them here in the coming hours we know that we'll be speaking but to the press about five thirty pm so in about six hours time here and up. according to sources is expected to lay flowers on institutes dial which is on the other side of the maya done behind me the independence square if you can make it out through the fog couple hundred meters behind me. that was the scene of some of the deadliest violence here of down to about ten days ago now. one of things to note falling about what you said is this announcement but we will likely be well received in the timing or the timing of john kerry's visit because a lot of the concern here is not just been over a russian presidents in crimea in russian so of gaining a stronghold there that perceived hear the many reports from other ukrainian cities particularly the border citi
incident. nine cents and i never even existed. us secretary of state john kerry heads to kiev. robin hanson. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu readies his speech to the biggest pro israel lobby in washington monday let me tell drop the bomb i think that the compromise stance. and a cheery as a president officially declares he'll seek a controversial full term. the guy makes a rare appearance in order to file. watching the sunset johnny asked me to. first a supposed deadline from russia for ukrainian forces to surrender has come and gone without incident. but thousands of russian troops are still in place in a mainly russian speaking region of many a ukrainian military leaders say russia's black sea fleet commander gave them a deadline of three am to surrender or face attack a deadline that was officially denied to brush up on her fairy has been the ukrainian it though that's in the slavic to july's morton's the boston harbor. ukrainian that our cca for russian ships ever finishing isn't one other boat from leaving. or did it to surrender. crews say they have no intention of phishin
. incredible acts of aggression the lead to the us at that stage on kerry is warning russia of serious repercussions for the cut in ukraine. promising severe punishments the chinese authorities blamed separatist the size of a stabbing attack in a railway station in the city of corn maze which claimed twenty nine bucks what's the fuss by cutting his room i'm told but this was supposed to join us. mr ukraine has the sum they begin mobilizing for war costs up to the russian president died in a tree to the candy he had the right to debate the country. russian forces have already seized the crimean peninsula which is into its black sea fleet it's estimated there are some one hundred and fifty thousand russian troops along the border with ukraine ukraine's prime minister asked me yesterday who took power when the two yanukovich but last week called russia's actions of declaration of war what will strike at saddam sent eia takes a look back now and today's main events nineteen terrorists turned off on the second day in his job. the head of ukraine's meaty surrendered his head coaches. due to
on twitter at kerry and dc who knew. uss on this edition of nice line it's thursday friday twenty seventh. i can think of and she and her camp the engine leaders of the ukraine have unveiled a cabinet to guide the country through a time of turmoil i say be yes and yes it was among those at the forefront of months of protests against the government of the ousted president of the attic of age now yes in europe will take over as prime minister thousands of people gathered where protesters and spent the past three months and teen's independence square demonstrators hit the streets of november after the governing council a trade deal with the european union in favor of closer ties with mine shaft. protest leaders announced a cabinet that leans toward the west the new prime minister has stated in the past as a foreign minister and as speaker of parliament. yet senior it is a close ally of former prime minister yulia tymoshenko. i didn't have hands on a sunday church enough has taken over as supreme commander of the armed forces. lawmakers will decide later on thursday but did get up to the nominee
of state john kerry is heading to canada to meet with the interim government leaders his condemn my shelf for what he called an incredible act of aggression russia may be able to save crimea. but in the and russia will isolate itself. kerry just kind of action is as a nineteenth century behavior in the twenty first century he said a call into question russia's capacity to be a member of the group of eight nations he said us leaders in considering all options including economic sanctions but he's calling for a diplomatic solution he said no one wants to see this escalates into a military confrontation. in other news anti dam and protesters in bangkok are leaving the major intersections in occupied for weeks. the demonstrators contaminated sanctions on january that he had called him as a nation of crime in the united kingdom on the mouse they don't create history by monday and move to another location in central bangkok. on sunday morning protesters started the moving platforms and can stand set up at four intersections traffic in central bangkok is expected to return to normal on monday. t
of state john kerry is set to sit down with russian foreign minister sergei lavrov. mr rann said the eu could impose sanctions on russia. ukraine gary and that right leaning on the sidelines at today's board meeting from that the un and the rest. helping the country better managed security and the growing number of refugees with him the annual congress in china gets underway. transform the world's second largest economy with steady growth and twelve percent increase defense spending the headlines read this and i kept expecting us to be intense. when ukraine at more than one thousand demonstrators waved to ukrainian flags in the eastern city of donetsk that was the first time a pro ukrainian crowd outnumbered pro russian protesters who it seems the government the green man. russian forces have been in the eastern command region for almost a week now. and speaking at his first press conference is the crisis began the russian president but in truth and said russia reserve the right to use all options to protect its compatriots who were living in quotes terror in ukraine that force was not
mean peninsula. further soften your fine lines and parents. us secretary of state john kerry and russian foreign minister sergei lavrov will hold off for the first time since the unrest in ukraine he dropped it. the tale of the meeting on the sidelines of a special conference at pains to help lead the non cope with the influx of syrian refugees. before traveling to france kerry stopped and he and michelle support for the country's interim government. afterward carry slanted brush and deployment of troops to crimea as an act of aggression. they added that the us is not looking for confrontation. in the streets today. i didn't see anybody who feels threatened. except for the potential of an invasion by russia. so i went to hope that present boom. it was assessed a chance all evidence everywhere in the world about troops being radio that they're not there that he will step back and listen carefully. that we would like to see this de escalate. the short trip to kiev kerry offered in economic and technical on package worth one billion us dollar is too hard. ukraine's new governmen
fooling any body and that the secretary of state john kerry echoed the sentiments he used some strong words when talking about russia's role in the conflict like aggression and intimidation accusing moscow of provocation and manipulation but completely different language. i was used to present his new leadership as you can see here. he was using words like democratic legitimacy and blurry eyed israel britain on explains the war of words against russia went into overdrive tuesday afternoon when us president rob obama and his secretary of state john kerry held separate press conferences in different countries at the same time both condemning lost power over its actions against ukraine now in washington president obama urged russia to de escalate the situation in ukraine insisting that moscow's explanation for its military response to the crisis. does it reflect real advance on the ground something seems to have a different saddle warriors mega diverse set of interpretations but of. i don't think that's pulling anybody in the meantime in kyiv by secretary of state john kerry was talking
storms. secretary of state john kerry travels to asia. one of the topics discussed -- climate change. in indonesia, kerry described it as one of the most serious problems in the world. >> when i think about the array of global climate -- of global threats, think about this. terrorism, epidemics, poverty, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction -- all challenges that know no borders. the reality is that climate change ranks right up there with every single one of them. >> u.s. and chinese leaders agreed to work more closely in combating the environmental issue. the two countries are the biggest producers of emissions of carbon dioxide and gasses. workers in los angeles set a guinness world record for the largest continuous pour of concrete. 21,200 cubic yards of concrete was spread, beating the previous record of 21,000 set by a hotel in las vegas. 208 trucks made more than 2,000 trips, pouring 82 million pounds of concrete to build a foundation for what will be the tallest building west of the mississippi, housing luxury hotel rooms and offices. for "teen kids news," laura i
and that's us at the trio's think john kerry is due to rising kiev on tuesday i was done he said. agenda that included plans to meet with and it was a statement issued by the state department are quite early this morning late on sunday night in washington indicating that he would meet with the cranes and new leaders as well with business leaders and i we also know that this matter at this hour is of one of his assistant secretary of state's victorian humans but is on her way to vienna to meet with representatives from the osc see who's also been told the osce plans to travel from vienna by odessa ukraine but here to kiev and there's discussions and perhaps that's twenty eight nation group can in fact leave a a a a a neutral us delegation that would be acceptable but to russia sending them to crimea to. if you will keep the peace. there are modern other events. russia says it is russian speaking and nationals in korea in crimea are in danger of attack and it's been. that is that its presence there has been requested to legitimately by the leadership in the crimea we also know that the ide
in a silky in jail. us secretary of state john kerry who will arrive in kiev on tuesday has condemned russia for what it called an incredible act of aggression and wind back the country has a lot to lose if it presses on with its current course of action. in an interview with nbc meet the press kerry said a stronger message saying that could ultimately the acid present in these at the end and implications on tree the us congress has already called for sanctions against russia. this parliament has already given the greenlight to expressing the gluttony or prudent to use military force to protect its citizens in ukraine. defying calls from the international community not to intervene. over the weekend ukraine mobilize its military for a possible confrontation with russia which it previously dispatched more than six thousand troops to train me up. some even surrounded several small ukrainian military al post demanding forces there to disarm. on sunday ukraine's meeting chief defected to russia after having been appointed just ideally before. russia has also been staging military exercises invol
coming from washington during the sunday into secretary kerry was also asked about israel about an incident that gambles upcoming visit about the peace process. of course on those issues would hurt a very different secretary kerry careful diplomatic calling for negotiations. no appeals to the wind charter not to worry about israel breaking international on the us supporting it. to get a sense that the us is appealing to the un charter when it's in its interests and i wanted to visit any welsh fans washington should be offering lectures wellington based in hong kong pixel. there is no question either under the nineteen ninety four agreement on any sense of moral duty. any sense of national pride or simply as a matter of being a in the region that has the power to prevent chaos. there's no question that russia is within her right to protect these people in this plan absolutely no question the only people who can shriek about international law. ironically the people who have been violating it with out seats for at least the last fifteen years and lately and on you for all the worl
the weekend he had the american as secretary of state john kerry having said that sad. russian president putin might find itself with a frozen. but as it faces said washington was also encouraging and threatening the teaching out of russia from the g eight to the underworld and economy said this is an idea to germinate and how good it comes to the german foreign minister had said that the tv platform is actually i've been away for the west be speaking directly with russia the question what is actually good idea to get rid of the spot them all together this kind of measured if you will. analysis of what's going on is also reflected even in some of the german press that analysis media analysis here in germany and also the belgian foreign minister had also want to get sadie hawkins actions against russia but that is one happy be it the other kept the lights of the swedish foreign minister or it goes from an excess soviet satellites wanted court for sentencing today was actually trying to fight the eu common ground elegance of russia's reaction to this add to this accusation of aggression the fore
to russia. us secretary of state john kerry meanwhile has departed washington for urgent talks inky a u s officials have said all options are on the table and the european union has threatened russia with sanctioned much russian troops are returned to their barracks before march six moscow's united nations envoy said on march. third that ukraine's ousted leader victory on a cold which is the legal president of ukraine and that its letter to russian president but the most potent requesting military intervention justified russian military presence in crimea. he showed the letter j j henry and orkut which led to rush in late february after three months of protests against his ruleurity council meeting openly requests who tend to use his armed forces to restore peace and stability the third emergency security council meeting in four days came amid fears that the kremlin might carry out war lang grabs in for a work in eastern ukraine. i the news came on. and. the us is our. ew a georgia man accused of being a russian intelligence agent went on it royally nice temple on monday for his alleged i
economic promise to try to keep up their support rates. that has seen relations with japan and its kerry aide to japan's foreign minister says the lack of a summit between japanese and south korean leaders over the past year is regrettable the proposal new pope will. at a time like this it's bio for the top leaders of the two countries to communicate sincerely. and understand each other when will i hope the south koreans will be open to my call for higher level dialogue. but given the license. ganguly souness as to create a climate for dye lot he said jasmine officials lawmakers and private citizens at all count and gatherings. joni said now when climber has released many heights in korea including being the first woman to reach the summit of mount everest a joke on sunday i spent the last two years undergoing treatment for cancer in her abdomen. she still suffering from the side effects like she's climbing with people from her childhood home in northeastern japan. the get go a tiny bit of snow at the top so the charity of the acting drugs. it was due to the seventy four year old mountai
is on standby outside his old town of newman. city of augusta to the test. kerry has shot. getting there she's getting ready for a simultaneous connection with the new center. hotshot obtaining a hundred or so on monday i'll be offering to sell what is it your names and kicking him in rio on the roof the dough hook. i wanted the nonchalant in style yes yes the year here's the thing. i asked after some complications the finally succeeding connecting with each other claire. so it came all the way here to los angeles team initially cover of the id on tv launched on directv. it gives us a wider platform to present all of the content that we may go for a soul. and we thought that it was very important for us to be here on the grounds for this momentous occasion but also we're able to cover some stories that we wouldn't have access to from our soul newsroom so we sort of brought me the news room from korea over here to the united states. he and yellow now all they have to do is connect with the new center in seoul it's all ready to go the time difference between ellie and so is seventeen hours. th
of aggression the lead to the us at that stage on kerry is warning russia of serious repercussions for the cut in ukraine. promising severe punishments the chinese authorities blamed separatist the size of a stabbing attack in a railway station in the city of corn maze which claimed
of the action. usa did any of the stands john kerry. i've been here for the stress and squeezed out by end of recess. cade has won the rita see moscow did not take me thirty action against the grain. or at its base isolation. present twenties has an ease tensions with the power of both sides he also says the series is she ready to host says he has stymied in solitude. this time hearing tiny arab peoples lives go on as momo half frozen meat there is happiness. most understand the lord is watching the fifth of the pain sure and that's their eighties who are dangerous th on that to change at any moment. use sticks coming out and into ours. see tailbone nine year us president barack obama has dismissed a white pigeon have to say he says the facts tell a different story. there is a strong belief that russia's action is violating international law. no present boom seems to have a different saddle lawyers megan diverse set of interpretations but of. i don't think that's going anywhere. obama said russia's neighbors has deep concerns about what he called this kind of meddling. he said what's happe
peninsula western nations attending the kremlin. you know when to see a us exit to say john kerry wants russia to manage operations in ukraine would be a great use them as people of ukraine. ukraine looks west of the eu the european parliament improving visa free travel for citizens of neighboring moldova the former soviet republic it is pursuing the same association agreement brussels that ukraine's ousted president turned down it is. the british prime minister insists the uk can obtain the changes it wants to its eu membership status david cameron speaking in the company of the visiting german chancellor merkel skeptical when she addressed a rare joint session of the uk parliament. prime minister david cameron opened and a man who ran on to an address to the houses of parliament. he was in pain she would promise and no eu reform displays his trusted conservative party to stay in the union. michael wilson won playing ball. so i have had some expect a nice piece of paper delays for every parliamentary form of the european architects of which was sentenced by all kinds of minutes of kick
debts to russia and as for kerry. well he denounced what he calls an act of aggression and expressed fears over russia's intense when it comes to eastern ukraine but he also stressed on offer. it is clear. dr has been working hard to create a pretext for you to be faithful. rihanna's talk about russian speaking minority citizens are understood to not we would like to see this yes. we are not looking for somebody to confrontation. during his press conference earlier the russian president denying that goes well armed soldiers patrolling in crimea since last friday or russian. i couldn't say me and members of the crimean self defense forces. and that they're no better equipped and trained in some radical fighters who took part in the ousting of gannett co which was that contradicts what our team in the crimean peninsula witnessed calls and gets from parsons confirming they are indeed crack troops. he told mr putin's of press conferences today for shadows for the future of ukraine he said. it's the russians moved in by the request at present jungle called it sure he still regards as the
with the kerry initiate a few notes but press on this very critical states. add to this baby's skin and to make some very difficult decisions. um that is support in the american initiative here in the middle east. this is the largest german deal the biggest delegation ever to go to israel. moses didn't receive my lord there is real this is really on their radar i think it is on their radar i mean it's not that they would come into the hotel in the nets of a creek and then it was a nutty content if i list but there was a lot of talk before it in the media didn't even last night done to make the bed towards costing and talking about it until there's an interesting discussion you know about what sent it to me to listen to it to me not to wear tutus and gemini not say on hand but it's the most important is here that the imax with agreements had been made in a team for many young israelis also to stay in testing now know they have this new wet working holiday the sock issue they can come to gemini and not on the touristy though but they can go and watch the ball wide. these are the practical things
with immediately. british foreign secretary william hague met with his us counterpart john kerry in washington he said the two nations strongly support ukraine's unity and territorial integrity. us president barack obama called his afghan counterpart karzai on tuesday to tell them. he has instructed the pentagon to begin planning for a possible full withdrawal of american troops from the country. karzai has so far refused to sign him by the collateral security agreement or bsa. that could keep american boots on afghan soil beyond the ears and the result appears to be a protracted tug of war between the afghan leader in the white house and it's the world's was at the suter reports. the us government has been on the back cause i signed the bsa on number of times but to no avail. on tuesday the white house made these for aspiration don't get the gang. the longer we go. without a signed peace the essay that by necessity the more narrow in size and ambition the mission for a post twenty fourteen force would be. yelled the bottom is rationed was to keep some us troops in place after the call but nation
secretary of state john kerry and british foreign secretary william hague had expressed hope that ukraine can form an inclusive government. the was the only nation victimized by the japanese military during world war two the first thirty nine thousand chinese nationals were forced to work in japanese companies during the war and over six thousand died in the process seeking justice some seventy years later the bacon fat survived and the families of those that dance. thirty seven people in all filed a class action lawsuit against seventeen of the japanese corporations on wednesday. he represents the first case in the chinese port into the matter. they can potentially increase tensions between teaching and tokyo even further. this are demanding that the japanese firm's apologize in writing for the compulsory labor and asking for about one hundred sixty thousand us dollars per person in compensation that's all for me for this evening and i'll be back tomorrow night for another would get all the stories making headlines around the world. oh and welcome to prime time sports on tv chat let's st
com sized usa. you can follow me on twitter at kerry and dc who knew. uss on this edition of nice line it's thursday friday twenty seventh. i can think of and she and her camp the engine leaders of the ukraine have unveiled a cabinet to guide the country through a time of turmoil i say be yes and yes it was among those at the forefront of months of protests against the government of the ousted president of the attic of age now yes in europe will take over as prime minister thousands of people gathered where protesters and spent
the then secretary of state john kerry born in russia dmitry operations in ukraine ukraine's list. and just to update you some news coming in on the news wires to its relation to the deposed president viktor yanukovich he has insisted that he still considers himself the president of ukraine and he's also asked russia to guarantee his personal safety from actions of extremists the tree and a . ukraine's parliament is convening a kid to approve a new pro western government as the country faces its second major crisis one of the imminent bankruptcy. the new cabinets with intent before the crash of twenty five hasn't the media independence square late on wednesday. the core message was clear it's going to be a hard road ahead for ukraine to bring instances reports the singing the national anthem mountains camping see its independence plan i need is on the night and council tip to them like painting it and announce the date chosen as many states to the interim governments. this latest documents will have to postpone the decision. these will be that this is a traditional ukrainian economy this is the reaso
or could it be missing it seemed our teeth kerry and boring as the story. the tea party celebrating their fifth anniversary today at a rally in washington d c hosted by the tea party patriots. they fell between seven and nine hundred tickets by what we saw the people in attendance the average age is about sixty five seventy years old so as an older crowd here. i really do have some of the most popular voices within the tea party movement speaking here today including senators brand color and type cruise and michele bachmann and representative jim jordan i spoke earlier with mark live band hanson was the biggest motivating force behind the tea party today you have millions of individuals who love the country who do not want to fundamentally transform to believe in liberty and private property rights of the rule of law and so this is why with the tea party movement a conservative constitutional movement. and that's our heritage and are trying to protect preserve our heritage to the tea party still has a very active boys and watching ten pc in the tea party patriots are operating on th
and promised full support to ukraine's new interim prime minister. his clique john kerry was busy seeking assurances from russia's foreign ministry. i ask specifically. the dr show work with the united states and with our friends and allies in order to support ukraine. to rebuild unity security at a healthy economy there we also discussed the very tense situation in crimea. we thrust him into teams scrambling for it to justin would ring snap new trade rules the us is confident the russian president holds all the cards to make noise. ukraine's new authorities difficult foreign minister sergei not proclaimed however the minute she exercises were unrelated to the ongoing political transition toward foreign powers against taking decisions on takeoff of kiev in the lungs and ukraine's european allies were keen to make clear that they too were moment ringed russia's apparent saber rattling. will she be concerned by the situation in crimea every country should respect the territorial integrity of its overt it'll be great russia has made a commitment and support of russia keeps it well. lol will
to aggression russian foreign minister sergei lavrov new to assure us sicker to see john kerry the russian will respect ukraine's territory. other western nations like britain and germany are also calling on russia to help ease the turmoil in ukraine's russian dominated region. on thursday the new ukrainian government held its first cabinet meeting led by newly appointed prime minister in our city gets in you. in the meantime now said present a victory and a cold it is said to be in russia. russian state news agencies aree plansn hold a news conference on friday. he is a clear he is still ukraine's president but has lost support across almost the entire country chloe audio mix. over in seoul national assembly lawmakers passed a series of long pending bills as this much extraordinary session wrapped up today but they remain divided over a controversial revision to the nation's pension system our national assembly correspondent you don't go as he detests lawmakers in the national assembly passed a series of key lightly the bills on friday the last day of this month's extraordinary session. a
that by the false any means of a false sense of the fundamental kerry said the ukraine but most of the eu of course that he wants ukraine to eventually join the brawl but what why he would the eu wants ukraine which is a bankrupt country right now. it does everything for economic purposes was really for expressionism that is wrong. if we have with a friend i'll have to make his interests as well but it gets bad one just rely on a hike i participated in the debates in the european parliament this week on the ukraine crisis. i was one of the co authors in the gay shakers of the train resolution. i've been falling ukraine full more than ten years on hold them at will without a snooty of the of the of the order of merit of ukraine is a country that on an extremely well and i'm absent of the shoal that the intentional the government is to move in a western european direction of what provided the my down was the fat off to several years four years of negotiations of the last minute. mr yanukovich to the complete u turn i decided not to sign the association agreement not to sign the deep and comprehensiv
against interfering with her secretary kerry head and say everybody needs to step back and avoid provocations in this position somewhat conflicts with washington's very hands on approach to lie down why it's so windy with my johnny was about legitimate aspirations of ukrainian people now that it's a different part of the ukraine. western politicians tend to focus on the issue of territorial integrity and international law. washington is both so much support in the year behind my don that perhaps it's not surprising that you don't hear much about the legitimate aspirations of the will of the people living in tiny air or in other parts of ukraine did not supported to take over powering cute well for european reaction to events in ukraine is going live to london and told to go to chelsea. panic is a member of the european parliament no i'm europe's interests of course to recognize the new authorities in ukraine but mayo and unlimited power as a result of breaking a peace deal brokered with the help of the eu authorities said see you really do see them as legitimate. i'm afraid i do
spokesperson said secretary of state john kerry will travel to the ukrainian capital kiev on tuesday to meet interim government leaders. the failed bid corn exchange town docks has set up a telephone hotline to fielding inquiries from angry creditors. the move is the latest exercise are in the movie is the latest exercise in damage control by the tokyo based firm the company filed for bankruptcy protection last week ceo mark karr palace says most of the big boys have disappeared into the legal access points are worth over one hundred million dollars. about one hundred twenty seven thousand users users had deposited their digital points or cash with mt docs but ninety nine percent live outside japan that means the firm will struggle to hold creditors' meetings a standard procedure in the civil rehabilitation officials say they are studying when and where to hold the meetings to explain what's going on. the sales tax in tibet is going up from five percent eighteen percent next month and people have been rushing to car dealerships. before the tax hike pushing up on all sales to double digit gro
to gradually stepping up their response to. russia is sending armed men in ukraine us sick just a john kerry says moscow could be excluded from the g eight group a suspended preparations ahead of the sun the kids a place in russia in june. washington not only economic sanctions be your preferred political mediation and corners meet in brussels today to get a response to the crisis the longest run on georgian bay are in or out washington and brussels on the same page when it comes to sanctions and how to respond to this was the key difference and tired today is that because the us is using very harsh language. talking about possible sanctions. but has actually met them yet the noises were getting from brussels ahead of this. eu foreign ministers meeting is that the eu is new york's heading toward sanctions that wants to keep lines of communication open with russia and over the past do with the german position gemini is very cautious and as we heard from our correspondent in berlin germany. he sees the g eight as a key forum in which to keep that line of communication open with russia and the
as the international community's scrambled to respond to the kremlin's aggression. us secretary of state john kerry warned that russia could lose its membership in the g eight world economic group and face sanctions if it doesn't pull back the us the uk and france announced they would not attend the g eight meeting is scheduled to take place in sochi. the new administration in kiev has called up reserve troops and wore a dress that remove its forces from crimea as tensions between the two countries quickly escalate the kremlin has claimed the dress is living in korea and eastern ukraine faced direct stronger revolution in ukraine although there's been no reported attacks targeting russians in the country. xian russia's parliament has approved chris to live in a pretence request to deploy it reached ukraine's crimea peninsula days of two thousand began to seize transport links and government buildings the kremlin's green lights came out of the consents to the quick spritz the lives of the russian federation and our compatriots you authorization to use force would last until the normalization of the
and ukraine as tensions their reach a boiling point. secretary of state john kerry will be traveling to kiev on tuesday to discuss the situation. for more of the american response to the crisis in ukraine here's our keys on a stasi a church. we all know that the united states prides itself in being the beacon of democracy and freedom when it comes to brush away the stuff surrounding the events unraveling in ukraine accusations have been flying high from washington. but if we look in countless back past and present while the us demands that its finger pointing is taken seriously by the rest of the world. how does that mean let's listen to what others had to say on its actions. many will be so tiny and that has been there for years. he was in the meantime has more than seven hundred military bases around the world and in the notorious world leader of getting involved in wars that are opposed to not just at home but also brought the rain when panini and becomes short. you just don't invade another country on the phone the pretext of the invasion of iraq in two thousand and three had never happe
of stents kerry has won the moscow russia may be able to save crimea. but in the and russia will isolate itself. he's heading to cheer for these pastimes rees government of shows on tuesday. as a kind of long continuous beings the west and us. some express say this to be the most dangerous mind you up with history since the end of the color the wall. tuesday so now it's two hours stephen awful crime year foreign ministers from across the european union has issued a warning to aggression needed staff told them to withdraw their troops or face sanctions. this is from twenty eight member states met in brussels the eastbourne posse chief issued a statement as saying that his actions violate international law. catherine ashton city officials will review times. if the russians don't win friends call us at some new mandates that was cautious about putting more pressure on russia. fearing the situation could escalate ambassadors from the nato countries and getting together for an emergency meeting. representatives from all twenty eight member countries will take part just days after another meet
secretary of state john kerry and assistant secretary of state victory new and are visiting the ukrainian capital of kiev the us defence department says it is suspending military exchange programs with russia. such contacts are aimed at reducing the chance of an emergency resulting from a misunderstanding the announcement came as president putin paid a surprise visit to inspect military exercises in russia's western districts they include areas near the border with ukraine it was britain's first inspection of troops and see gained approval from the upper house to deploy forces in ukraine representatives of the united nations security council held their third emergency meeting in four days. russia's ambassador criticize ukraine's interim government for trying to persecute ethnic russians. we stood in the two minute the rights and freedoms of people in ukraine are being threatened. while we was like to emphasize one once again the actions of our military which are appropriate and legitimate weapon in the fiji team. the us ambassador to dismiss the claims. samantha power said that there is n
ups. us secretary of state john kerry and british foreign secretary william e have met with ukraine's interim foreign minister and read eschews cia in paris they were expected to discuss aid to ukraine prison monday we're put in a stabbing of russia's diplomacy. he is due to meet the leaders of belarus and kazakhstan government officials in moscow maintain close ties with both nations russian military has effectively taken control of crimea in ukraine south where ethnic russians are in the majority. the president warned on tuesday that he is ready to use force troops have fired warning shots and are pressing ukrainian forces to surrender but he has said no military action is necessary at this point. on tuesday the pro russian prime minister of the town of us republicans crimean sergei xc on off showed his intention to cooperate with president putin. he said the russian leader has responded to his requests seeking stability and safety in crimea. he indicated the republic would build its own navy. russia's leaders are turning up the financial pressure on their counterparts in ukraine
on the telephone the british prime minister and the german chancellor the us secretary of state john kerry has also been speaking with his counterpart from russia said the law for all. while we were told. they are not engaging in any the violation of the sovereignty and do not intend to i nevertheless the made it clear that that could be misinterpreted that this moment and that there are enough tensions that it is important for everybody to be extremely careful not to inflame the situation and not send the wrong messages meanwhile inside of russian twenty four hours and she reappeared. ukraine's ousted president staging a full blown press conference. he shrugged off his arrest warrant against him. richter yanukovich instead calling for he called a referendum before it's too late. ousted from power i am forced to flee and wanted the mass mad at her thinking that it makes sense since he is still didn't get to the president of ukraine. the new su no power in ukraine has been seized by nationalists in stitches. fascist forces the street which represents an absolute minority. the new transport you to re
and pushing back these russian efforts shown support for the authorities in kenya. it's a scary kerry going there tomorrow. i know that there are other ministers in western leaders were visiting there to try to show the kind of support only russia has adopted on a course of force and pressure and that has to be resisted and i will see whether sanctions or threats and economic pressures sector convention on russian economic interests individuals will be enough to cause a putin in russia pause and stop in which case you can then start to try to rebuild governance in ukraine and inclusiveness in ukraine or whether he will just simply calculate that whatever the penalties are right about now. they have more staying power than the last us in such pursuits and we can see a very aggressive coursework in coming days. again in the usa has been debating that very question of the question of one's lips on the side of the atlantic laid bare by the uk tabloid the sun. with that the question is put on its front page. this monday asking. come on if you have if it didn't have a go if you think about the fe
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